Two Fourplex Buildings – Great Investment Opportunity


Updated: May 2nd 2023

  • Original asking price was $445k and $550k – SDI is trying to negotiate w/ seller on $390k + $510k
  • IMPORTANT: Seller will only agree to this price ($390k + $510k) if we present him with buyers for both 4-plexes. We are working on locating 2 buyers for both (ie buyer for each) OR 1 buyer that will buy both.
  • Two 4-plex buildings next to each other in Kansas City and gain INSTANT EQUITY per appraisal!
  • All units are mirrored floor plans and have recently been remodeled.
  • All units are fully rented out. 8010 – 2 bed, 2 bath units. 8020- 2bed, 1bath units.
  • The fridge, range, and dishwasher are to stay in each unit. HVAC systems are 2015 models.
  • The basement provides storage areas for individual units and a laundry room.

Building 2 – Year-to-date income/expenses

Date UnitDescription Amount 
1/1/2023Unit BRent Payment$875.00
1/1/2023Unit DRent Payment$854.00
1/1/2023Unit DPrepayment Application($854.00)
1/2/2023Unit CRent Payment$616.00
1/3/2023Unit CBill($195.00)
1/3/2023Unit CRent Payment$218.00
1/3/2023Unit CRent Payment$232.00
1/5/2023Unit ABill($168.00)
1/13/2023Unit ABill($145.00)
1/13/2023Unit ABill($68.00)
1/13/2023Unit ABill($54.43)
1/13/2023Unit BBill($54.43)
1/13/2023Unit CBill($49.21)
1/13/2023Unit CBill($54.43)
1/13/2023Unit DBill($69.95)
1/13/2023Unit DBill($54.43)
1/31/2023Unit CBill($272.16)
2/1/2023Unit BRent Payment$475.00
2/2/2023Unit ABill($239.00)
2/3/2023Unit CRent Payment$10.00
2/3/2023Unit CRent Payment$242.00
2/3/2023Unit CRent Payment$13.00
2/4/2023Unit DRent Payment$854.00
2/6/2023Unit CRent Payment$616.00
2/8/2023Unit BRent Payment$400.00
2/9/2023Unit ABill($54.43)
2/9/2023Unit ABill($272.16)
2/9/2023Unit BBill($54.43)
2/9/2023Unit CBill($54.43)
2/9/2023Unit DBill($54.43)
2/10/2023Unit ABill($285.00)
2/14/2023Unit ABill($45.00)
2/14/2023Unit ARent Payment$805.00
2/14/2023Unit ARent Payment$805.00
3/1/2023Unit ABill($54.43)
3/1/2023Unit ABill($68.00)
3/1/2023Unit BBill($54.43)
3/1/2023Unit CBill($54.43)
3/1/2023Unit DBill($54.43)
3/1/2023Unit CRent Payment$229.00
3/1/2023Unit CRent Payment$21.00
3/1/2023Unit CRent Payment$13.00
3/1/2023Unit CPrepayment Application($13.00)
3/1/2023Unit BRent Payment$875.00
3/3/2023Unit ABill($89.00)
3/4/2023Unit DRent Payment$854.00
3/6/2023Unit CRent Payment$616.00
3/10/2023Unit ABill($50.00)
3/14/2023Unit ABill($36.00)
3/30/2023Unit BBill($272.16)
3/31/2023Unit ABill($217.59)
3/31/2023Unit ABill($45.00)
3/31/2023Unit ABill($45.00)
3/31/2023Unit BBill($168.00)
4/1/2023Unit ABill($54.43)
4/1/2023Unit BBill($54.43)
4/1/2023Unit CBill($54.43)
4/1/2023Unit DBill($54.43)
4/1/2023Unit CRent Payment$616.00
4/1/2023Unit CRent Payment$221.00
4/1/2023Unit CRent Payment$29.00
4/1/2023Unit CRent Payment$21.00
4/1/2023Unit CPrepayment Application($21.00)
4/3/2023Unit BRent Payment$875.00
4/5/2023Unit DRent Payment$854.00
4/7/2023Unit BBill($89.99)
4/11/2023Unit BBill($338.02)
4/12/2023Unit ABill($350.00)
4/14/2023Unit ABill($625.00)
4/14/2023Unit ABill($93.75)
4/14/2023Unit ABill($250.00)
4/14/2023Unit CBill($134.00)
5/1/2023Unit CRent Payment$29.00
5/1/2023Unit CPrepayment Application($29.00)
  • Updated On:
  • January 24, 2024
Property Id : 57729
Property Size: 4,492.00 ft2
Property Lot Size: 10,890.00 ft2
Rooms: 24
Bedrooms: 8
Bathrooms: 8
Year Built: 1965
External Construction: Brick
Roofing: Synthetic
Rent (mo): 4800
ROI (ann): 25.7
Cashflow (mo): 703
Property Taxes (mo): 410
Insurance (mo): 150
Repairs (mo): 75
Management Fee (mo): 301
Leasing Fee (ann): 120.9
HOA (mo): 0
Vacancy Rate (ann): 4
Other Features
back yard
$ 1.00
per month
  • Principal and Interest
  • Property Tax
  • HOA fee
$ 0.00

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