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Birmingham Builder Special Program 2.99% [updated 8/26/23]

Posted by Dan B on August 30, 2023

Note #1: this program is subjected to changes by the builder/provider.

Note #2: this program is available to BOTH US based investors and foreign investors

About The Builder

  • Largest builder in AL.
  • Currently doing 800 homes and expected to do 1500 in 2024.
  • Recent properties in Huntsville, Birmingham, Clinton, Baldwin County & (coming soon) in Central FL.

Investment Plan

  1. Purchase the property with a 2.99% int. only loan for 2 years
  2. Refinance into a permeant loan at market rate (hopefully lower than today) in two years.

Loan Program

Interest Rate2.99%
Placement Fee1% of Loan Value
Processing Fee$400
Application Fee$195
AmortizationInterest only, compounded monthly with monthly payments.
Term24 months*
Prepayment1 year prepayment penalty.
* Additional year extension may be approved. The rate would be adjustable at Prime+1% for only 1 year. No option for a 4th year financing.

Conditions and Terms

  • Only available on the builder’s properties/product
  • Owner financing program is a commercial note.
    • This program is to be used only for commercial purposes and cannot be used for primary home buyers.
  • 25% down payment
  • Minimum credit score, based on median score:
    • No buy down points
    • 740+ as low as 2.99%
    • 700 – 739 as low as 3.99%
    • 660 – 699 as low as 4.99%
  • Must be purchased in an Alabama LLC, personally guaranteed
  • Max 50% back end DTI (debt to income) ratio, including 75% of rent
  • Builder’s property management co. must be retained for property management for the life of the note (loan). Fees are:
    • 8% monthly fee
    • 80% lease fee
  • Payments due on the 1st and late after the 5th.
    • $200 late fee after the 5th of the month.
  • Required escrows or Taxes and Insurance
  • 1 year pre-payment penalty:
    • 1 year prepayment penalty equaling the interest due. Example: if loan refi’s after 1 month, PPP would be for 11 months of interest and lowers monthly as the year progresses.
  • If loan defaults by 30 days, built-in clause that rents be paid directly to mortgage holder until loan is caught up.
  • Required docs:
    • Application and docs must be submitted within 24-48 hours of contract finalization.
    • One month’s pay stubs
    • Last filed tax return with W2 or 1099
    • Two months bank statements showing down payment and 6 months reserves


To reserve a property with Owner-Financing Program:
1) Reservation Agreement
2) BUYER HAS 24 HOURS TO APPLY through Owner-Financing Portal
3) BUYER will receive approval/denial within 24 hours of application COMPLETION
4) $10,000 Earnest Money due upon approval.
5) CONTRACT will be sent to Buyer for signing.
6) Inspection to be scheduled within 24 hours of contract finalization.

Sample (HUD) Closing Statement


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